hair-color-hepatitis-c-cirrhosis.jpgHaving cirrhosis as a result of Hepatitis C cost me a lot of freedoms. I had to negotiate on some of the limitations. One of the things that I did not want to give up was my hair color. I like the feel and texture after a color treatment! I discussed it with members of my Allied Health Team including my doctor. We decided that if I used precautions, that it would be safe for me to color every 8 weeks on treatment. Before I got the wigs, the bald patches showed huge strips of scaly skin with some gray hair. I felt it would help me to mentally and emotionally tolerate the treatment if I could at least try and fix my hair. They were not all in total agreement, but they supported my decision and gave me some tips to follow.

Location - I chose to color my own hair. That way I did not have to sit in a salon with all of the toxic fumes that came from the artificial nails, ammonia, and other chemicals from hair color products. I colored at home and mixed it near a door that leads outside. I leave it open and keep a fan going throughout the whole process.

Product - With the help of a beautician, I chose a color that used a low developer. I colored every 8 weeks or so throughout the entire treatment. I bought a henna color kit from a health food store. Henna tends to go very red/pink on me and I did not like it. You may find one that matches your color without going pink! There are many products that are organic and do not have the chemicals that would stress your liver.

Now that treatment is over, I am Hepatitis C Free! I still have cirrhosis and continue to color my hair about every 2 months. It is one of those personal decisions we all make. I may quit coloring and go totally gray sometime, but not now. I advise you to talk it over with your doctor and weigh out how important it is to you.

In my diet, exercise, skin care, and lifestyle I am very cautious. However, I am not a slave to every fear. I drive a car. I put in the gas. I pass a vehicle if it is putting off bad fumes. I do not burn candles with fragrance. I also turn the fan on when I spray hairspray. The list can go on about the choices you and I both make.

hair-color-hepatitis-c-liver-elton-john203x300.jpgI color my hair. It’s one of the extravagances that I allow myself. I take every precaution that is humanly possible. I have seen some frightening articles, blogs, and forum threads regarding this issue. I have put my opinion out there and had it shot down. That’s okay. We all have our ideas about our health care including hair color with hepatitis c or cirrhosis

You know why I started this blog? I wanted to put information out there so that you can make informed decisions. Fear is our enemy. We do the best we can with every situation, and we do it bravely. Your Best Friend in the Battle who feels Pretty Darn Good after a color job, Karen:)

This may be a pic of Elton John’s poodle.