Anxiety and Hepatitis C - As you fight the physical effects of Hepatitis C, the will to survive may make you somewhat like a vigilante protecting your very life. You are constantly on the alert making sure that your body and mind are functioning well. Before you realize it, anxiety has come on full throttle.

There are two kinds of anxiety. You might call them good anxiety or bad anxiety. Good anxiety is what keeps you moving forward, making wise choices. We awaken when the alarm goes off because the loud noise creates stress. That is a good thing, especially when we are taking medication. We feel guilty for eating that sodium or fat laden meal. As we doze into a coma, we feel anxiety.

Too often, anxiety can get out of control and we end up exhausted mentally, physically, and emotionally. Getting to the root of anxiety is sometimes painful, but there is great value in analyzing it in order to take the steps necessary to reduce anxiety in our lives. If we do not learn to bring it under control, it shows up as frustration, anger, or unexplained nervousness.

Mentally you may find that your thoughts are scattered and there is an inability to concentrate. Your anxious thoughts may interfere with sleep when worries seem to multiply right at bedtime. This is known to create a cycle of insomnia, which is debilitating because you need rest in order to think clearly and focus.

Physically, stress can cause many ailments such as dizziness, irregular heart rate, shakiness, stomach upset, and muscle tension. Your mind passes its’ pain on to your body. If you have anxiety you may have no appetite, or perhaps feel like eating all the time.

Emotionally you can end up exhausted. It is taxing to try and fight all the mental and physical battles. When your mind cannot focus, the anxiety can become diffused. It seems to permeate every aspect of your life.

There’s a little trick I use when overwhelmed by anxiety. I call it “Be Here Now” and even have a sticky note with those words on it. Most of the anxious thoughts we have are centered around the past or future. We have to keep an eye on the future as we make plans regarding medication, diet, and even lifestyle. The past is always a good teacher if we listen to the wisdom we have gained. So how does Being Here Now help us today?

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