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Done. Early, but Done.

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Denver Dude

Kathy, I have been reading your blog entries for a while, thank you for sharing. I started treatment a few weeks prior to you, so it was kind of like have a cohort. I too ended treatment early. I was having a lot of issues with breathing and sinuses, oh yeah, and the little factor that I was basically intolerable even to my doc might have had something to do with it - he gave me a scrip for Valium and said to stop. This after 18 weeks. His reasoning was three-fold. I also cleared after 30 days. I was newly infected and it was detected within months. He also applied the 80/80/80 theory. I had not previously hear of this, but I am so glad we decided to discontinue treatment. It is a theory, as I understand it, of less than 80% to chronic, more than 80% compliance to meds, this equals an 80% probability of "cure" after 90 days. I just had 45 day interim labs. I am still having bronchial issues. This may or may not be related to the treatment. Right now my lung capacity is down about 20-25%. But, the hemoglobin numbers are back up to within normal range. So we shall see how this settles. So congrats to both of us, and best wishes to all of those still in treatment. It does suck big-time. But, within a few days the nasty symptoms began to subside and more importantly, I could tolerate myself and those around me could breathe a sign of relief that "the bomb" temperament was not going to blow at the breath of a fly. Better Living Living Through Perseverance

July 9, 2012

Phyllis Louise Dull

I am writing about Kathy. Your hair, and everything will come back. The itching will also go away. Ive been off all 3 hep c meds for 3 months. And Iam getting back to normal. My taste change, can't still eat certain foods yet. I know what you were going through. Need to talk just E-MAIL me. GOOD LUCK KATHY

July 4, 2012


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