It’s done. I had two weeks to go to make the full 24 weeks, but my doctor has ended it.

I look like a crack addict with the numerous scabs from a severe reaction to the ribavirin. I have been so itchy; I’m trying to rip my skin off and it shows. Antihistamines didn’t work, neither did the hydrocortisone cream they gave me.

So the lesser of two evils was to stop treatment. I was told that it will not make a difference with respect to my “sustained virologic response” because I “cleared quickly at 30 days.” Let’s hope so, because if it comes back, I WILL NOT GO THROUGH THIS AGAIN.  My son doesn’t deserve it either -- cranky, cranky, cranky, especially since I cannot stop being itchy.

Anyhow, tomorrow will be the first full day without meds. I hope this clears my system quickly, but I was told two to four weeks.  

I NEED my hair to grow back.

I NEED the itching to stop.

I NEED the bitchiness to go away (at least back to the regular bitch I was).

I NEED my muscle mass back.

I NEED my breathing regular again.

I WANT the old person’s skin gone.

I WANT to feel normal again so I can make up the last six months of lunacy to my son who has taken a lot during that time.

Next viral check is 30 July. Will keep you informed.