20th November 2015
The Issue of doctors who will not prescribe, hospitals that will not monitor treatments and specialists who get angry when patients ask them about Indian generic Hep C medicines is one that continually irritates me because I hear this everyday.
On one hand every day I hear from people getting well after being sick for decades using Indian generic treatments and on the other hand I hear of doctors and specialists warning patients against using India generic Hep C treatment... even threatening to remove them from liver transplant waiting lists if they do use them. These same doctors have happily treated patients with Interferon for years yet Interferon is a deadly poison causing terrible side effects and having, at best, a 60% cure rate.
One such hospital is the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, Queensland.
Brisbane is the only capital city in Australia where there is not one single doctor who will prescribe Indian generic Hep C meds for their long suffering patients.
Every other capital city has dozens of doctors who will prescribe these meds but not Brisbane. Why?
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