19th November 2015
I woke up this morning and switched on the computer... 83 emails had dropped into my inbox whilst I was asleep. A lot of the emails contained requests for assistance and a number contained the lovely success stories I receive ever day now. This next one is using Mesochem APIs and is just 16 days into treatment. The improvements happen that fast!
Greg, just want to update you on the test results of Sof/Dac from Mesochem in case you can use it for educating/assisting anyone interested in treatment.
GT3b: AST down from 74 to 23 - normal, ALT down from 140 to 21 - normal, and VL down from 5.6 L.IU/mL to 2.2 L.IU/mL. Not quite undetected but getting very close and quite a massive drop, and after only 16 days. All other tests were in the normal ranges, as well. The doctor even asked me for info about your site and fixhepc so I will pass on the web links the next time I see him. Thanks again for the assistance!!
And while the delays on the release of Indian generic Harvoni continue of course more people are now flying to Australia and to Bangladesh to get their meds. Here are two success travel stories.
Dear Dr. Freeman and Greg:
I just wanted to let you both know that I successfully picked up my daclatasvir and sofosbuvir from the compounding chemist in Sydney and yesterday made it back into USA with no problem.  I didn’t tell customs I had medicine with me and nobody asked, it was pretty uneventful, but in case it came up I had lots of documentation, my US prescription and Australian prescription. testing documentation and excerpts from the US FDA “Orange Book” that I understand US customs sometimes consults to see if generic medicines are ok to bring in.
Wanted to also say THANK YOU to you both for putting me on the path to getting cured.  I had a final round of appeals to my insurance company going on simultaneously when I left for Australia, and just before I returned, I got word that they had approved me for treatment with sofosbuvir and ribavirin, which I had made clear to everyone during that appeal process I did not see myself in a position at 65 and already fatigued, with asthma and diverticulitis to be trying out ribavirin--so I have no regrets about going to Australia and getting the proper medication, plus I ran around Australia for a week and saw a part of the world I would have never seen.
I’ll let you know my results as I progress, I am in my 8th day now of medication and have no side effects that I notice other than my eyes popping open when i wake up and finding myself suddenly 100% AWAKE, instead of the usual groggy half asleep daze I would be in for an hour after waking.  So to me, the new wide awake feeling when I wake up is not really a bad thing,  I do feel good, don’t know if that’s just a placebo effect, or what, but I seem to notice that I do not have the bloated feeling and vague abdominal pain I used to occasionally experience.
Thank you again for all you’ve done for me and others and are doing.  I will probably post something on the fixhepc board too, so US citizens know they can just go and carry their medication through as an option.
Hi Greg
As an alternative for those from overseas, Incepta Pharma has been very helpful. Their general manager for marketing is Dr. E H Arefin Ahmed +88 017 1304 8994. His assistants are: Asif Mostafa +88 017 1333 8492, and Alimul Razi +88 017 1338 0056. 
The price I paid last week for Twinvir was 862 Taka per tablet (with the airport exchange rate at USD 1 = 78.5 Taka) it cost me slightly less than $11 USD. 5- I purchased my 24 weeks worth of generic harvoni within 2 hours of landing at the airport in Dhaka. I spent the night there, and was back home (Southeast Asia) the next day - 2-days round trip. Warm regards, ######