blossom_2.gifI’m dragging myself through this week. The better weather persuades me off the sofa which is good and bad. The bad weather is an excuse to hide away. The good weather makes me feel guilty if I’m not out.

Nine days after my treatment finishes I’m going to Ibiza to do The Hepatitis C Trust’s annual auction at the International Music Summit. I booked my flights before I knew this trial would come up. When I realised treatment would finish before I go I was extremely relieved. Now I’m starting to worry about how I’m going to physically cope. The day of the auction is long and tiring and in my present state I wouldn’t be able to manage half of it.

I don’t know how quickly I can expect to recover from these drugs.

The sun will help and the sea if it warms enough to swim in by then.

By the way, round my way people are tying bits of cotton in the blossom. Does anyone know what it means?

This entry was originally published April 18, 2013 on The Hepatitis C Trust. Reprinted with permission