scaled_Portraits with colour splash over the eyes_300x300.jpgI’ve been on the proper drugs for 12 days now and the only side effect I’ve felt was a headache that lasted all day yesterday. I got headaches on the placebo so it might have nothing to do the drugs. It’s strange that I felt dreadful during the placebo and better on the real drugs. I feel happy and positive. I’ve been industrious and productive. People who have been on interferon will think it’s a miracle that I’m off on a work trip tomorrow, on treatment and looking forward to it.

Before I go to go to the airport I’m going to clinic where I hope to get my 1st lot of results. I fully expect my viral load to have plummeted. if everyone on these drugs experiences a drop in viral load, there’s no reason why I won’t, unless I’m a medical freak.

The pic is Fin DAC, another one of the artists coming out with us, at work.

This entry was originally published May 20, 2013 on The Hepatitis C Trust. Reprinted with permission