The problem of access to affordable Hepatitis C treatment crosses all borders and the curse of the greed of companies like Gilead drives many people to dispair. Fortunately there are people of good will and sincere hearts who will do all they can to help combat the evil of greed that is expressed by companies like Gilead.
In my work of helping people access generic Hep C treatments around the world I have been fortunate to meet many good and kind people and we have established networks where by we are able to provide the most appropriate options to meet people’s various needs.
Below is an email I received related to one of those good people Prag Jain in Mumbai (who is also mentioned in the Chinese post above).

Dear Greg,

I would like to tell you my experience of buying a generic Harvoni from India.

After reading a lot of posts on many forums on HCV treatment, particularly with generic drugs from India, and a number of e-mail consultation with you, because you were the only man who I felt I could trust with confidence, at your suggestion I contacted via email firm Bull Pharmachem and immediately received an offer from Mr. Parag Jain to send me via DHL requested medication (Ledifos) at a fair price.

Once again I consulted you and you gave me all the recommendations of Mr. Parag Jain.

Then I came across the problem of imports of drugs in my country by mail, in fact, I had to get a prescription from a local doctor who’d shown when taking medication. They did not want to give prescription drugs because they are not registered in my country.

It was an option that I personally go to India and get medication, but I live in Europe, I’m moving in a wheelchair, for me it was impossible for such a long journey.

I explained the whole situation to Mr. Parag Jain and he told me that he will try to find a solution. After a few days Parag contacted me and said that there is a possibility that his friend from Europe who often reside in India takes drugs for me.

It was finally realized ... Parag’s friend, a lovely and sensitive person full of understanding, brought me medicines.

I would like Greg that this my email sharing with other people, especially as my gratitude to all of you great people who helped me to get the necessary treatment.

Special thanks to Mr. Parag Jain ... great man and a professional !

I wish you all the best in life!

Bosnia and Herzegovina