Every day I receive a few emails from folk in China who have Hep C or whose relatives have Hep C. Most people think of China as a great wealth generating machine but there are hundreds of millions of Chinese who live in relative poverty and who have little chance of accessing affordable Hep C treatment. Even Indian generics are extremely expensive for them.
When people contact me for help or advice, depending on the person’s circumstances, I will either help them to organise shipping from either India or Australia or I will put them in contact with a reliable supplier who I believe will be able to help them.
The email below describes the experience of one man dealing with my friend Parag Jain from Mumbai. Parag has helped many people access generic Hepatitis C medicines in India and is one of the most honest and honourable people I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.
Dear Greg,
I am writing you to let you know how very much I appreciate your recommendation of Parag Jain in Mumbai for Hepatitis C medication for my mother-in-law in China.
Just now she has received the package of Ledifos delivered to her from UPS in Beijing and has taken her first pill. Parag followed up with the delivery of this package every step of the way.
First, He had to deal with the problems of the Indian Customs, which he graciously overcame and somehow got the medication cleared for export in India, even though just recently, the Indian Customs was holding these types of medications up and not being allowed to be exported.
After the medication finally arrived in Beijing, the Chinese Customs held it up because the declared value was over 1000 RMB. Something neither I or Parag knew.
UPS shipped it out back out of the country through Germany and Poland then onto Hong Kong to try and get it cleared in Hong Kong. It was cleared through Hong Kong Customs within two days and then forwarded to Beijing again by UPS.
Beijing China Customs then held it again until the original prescription, and more documentation filed from Parag through the Indian Customs was approved.
It was finally cleared through Beijing Chinese Customs last Friday and delivered to my mother-in-law just now.
You and Parag Jain are to be commended you’re your service to the HEP C people suffering throughout the world.
Just a side note. My Chinese Mother in Law contracted HEP C from a blood transfusion she received from a hospital in China for treatment from another blood disease MDS. Hopefully she can battle the MDS once the HEPC is cured.

For all of your Chinese Bloggers who are seeking help for HEPC, please emphasize the following points:

Make sure the prescription has the correct name of the medication and the correct # of pills for the three-month treatment.
The Chinese use a data base for their prescriptions and these databases do not include these generic forms of HEPC medications from India. So they line through the medication name on the prescription and then hand write the correct Indian (English) generic name. The Indian Customs does not like these changes. Maybe if the prescription was accompanied by a letter of explanation by the Chinese Doctor it would make clearing Customs in India easier.
Insure the declared value is no more than 1000 RMB (Yuan).
Make sure they Only Order 84 pills. One treatment regimen only.  The Chinese are always looking for an opportunity to make money. The Chinese Customs will reject any shipment more than one treatment regimen for one person!!!!!
Make sure you present your original prescription to the shipper. Make sure it matches the enclosed prescription in the package.
Finally, I cannot say enough about Parag Jain. I trust him Completely, and would never recommend any one else to handle such an important transaction.
Thank you Greg for your recommendation of Parag Jain. We will be forever grateful for the both of you.
Warmest Regards,
Bill ####, wife ###, 6-month old son ####, (who will visit his Grandma in one month) and mother in law, mother, and grandma, ## Hong.