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Health Care Providers and People With HIV Not Communicating Effectively

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All doctors refuse to listen to any patient. If doctors just shut up and listened they could provide better care. Also, the debilitating poisoning caused by the meds is ignored by doctors. All HIV docs should be required to take HIV drugs and see how they like the feeling of being poisoned.

April 21, 2011 Boston


My experience, unfortunately, is one where everyone is too busy to really listen to me; I am talking about all of the professionals. Sometimes I feel as if I am being judged as a malingerer or a hypochondriac. No one wants to address the side effects and there are many; HAART may be effective ,but it wreaks havoc on your body. This is something that healthcare tends to minimize. I have suffered to the point that I am considering going off meds due to the side effects.

September 29, 2010


It is not a matter of the DR not listening, but haveing to juggle Dollars, Especially those working directly in the Public health sector. The monies are not there to treat the wrap arounds and the Direct side effect of HIV treatment. In Fact I started Smokeing again because I could not get supporttreatment for sleep apnea, Irritated lung tissues is a faster inducement to breathe than waiting for the )2 CO2 center of the brain to register low O2 concentrarions in blood. Rationing we have it, Now

July 28, 2010 Phoenix


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