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Americans Skip Meds and Borrow Billions to Pay for Basic Health Care

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I understand(?) these meds are keeping us alive(?)..........But, the audacity of asking for $3,800 for a months' supply is rather selfish on the pharmaceutical side !? Dr. gave me a prescription for the new "BikTarvy" med. Well, my insurance was NOT covering it (too new) and besides it was a very high cost med. So, I told my Dr. I'll stick with Genvoya !!!

April 11, 2019 NJ

Carolyn Allen

Blue Cross Blue Shield ..I Pay Them $70.00 A Month .In Jan. 2019 I Paid A $350.00 Deductible..On One MED, THEY Went Up From $125.00 A Month To $160.00 ..JUST BECAUSE THEY COULD ..I AM ON SOCIAL SECURITY .

April 10, 2019 Florida


It's your existence as a Two Party State which keeps your health system as it is. There is unlikely to be a revolution in your healthcare system with your Republican Party being the party of commerce and your Democratic Party being being the party of commerce lite. You had no revolution in healthcare like Britain had after World War 2. And you are unlikely to have one, let alone have your two parties thereafter commit to that new fairer healthcare system.

April 6, 2019 UK


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