Here are the hepatitis treatment news stories with the most views this year:

1. FDA Approves Gilead’s Vosevi for Re-treatment of Hepatitis C
Posted: July 18

2. FDA OKs AbbVie’s Mavyret for All Hepatitis C Genotypes
Posted: August 3

3. Hepatitis C Manipulates Liver Cells to Evade an Immune Response
Posted: January 4

4. Gilead’s Hepatitis B Treatment Vemlidy Is Safer for Bones and Kidneys Than Viread
Posted: April 21

5. Does Hepatitis B Treatment Lower the Risk of Liver Cancer?
Posted: July 17

6. Liver Cancer Remains a Risk After Hepatitis B Clearance
Posted: September 18

7. High Risk of Complications Post–Hep C Cure for Those With Advanced Liver Damage
Posted: June 7

8. Low-Level Hepatitis B Viral Load Raises Liver Cancer Risk
Posted: August 22

9. Those Cured of Hep C May Remain at High Risk of Fatty Liver
Posted: November 6

10. There’s No Major Benefit to Curing Hepatitis C? Au Contraire, Say Experts
Posted: June 22

11. Hepatitis B Vaccine Works Well for People With Hepatitis C
Posted: July 11

12. Hepatitis C Is Spreading Sexually Among HIV-Negative Gay and Bi Men in Amsterdam
Posted: February 27

13. Late Viral Relapse After Hepatitis C Treatment Is Rare
Posted: January 11

14. Among Those With Cirrhosis, Curing Hep C Has Multiple Health Benefits
Posted: February 6

15. Curing Hepatitis C Improves Blood Sugar in Those With Type 2 Diabetes
Posted: July 26

16. Low Thyroid Function Linked to Advanced Liver Disease
Posted: August 28

17. Hepatitis C Treatment May Prevent Diabetes
Posted: March 13

18. For Women, Hepatitis C May Hasten Menopause and Reduce Fertility
Posted: September 20

19. Risky Behaviors Raise the Risk of Death as Much as Hepatitis C
Posted: August 23

20. Generic Hepatitis, HIV and TB Treatments Could Plunge to $90 Each
Posted: August 17