Hep Summer 2019

Hep Summer 2019

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Happy Camper

Las Vegas resident Stella Armstrong cured her hep C and the joy-killing fatigue and pain that came with it.

From the Editor

Oriol R. Gutierrez

Sunshine on My Shoulders

Stella Armstrong’s journey to a healthier life wasn’t easy.


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Eliminating Hep C Among U.S. Veterans

The VA has cured HCV in nearly 100,000 veterans, which will dramatically reduce the development of advanced liver disease and liver cancer.

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Stopping Hep B and Hep C Globally by 2030

A new report says progress has been made in prevention, but global screening and treatment programs still lag.

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Needle Exchanges as HCV Prevention

Surprise: GOP health chief backs needle exchanges as prevention. But the health secretary does not support safe injection sites.


Alexa Transmits and Receives Patient Information

Amazon’s Alexa Skills Kit is a health care game change.

Care & Treatment

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Hep C Treatments Boast Major Benefits

Scientists have firmly established an association between direct-acting antiviral treatment and a lower risk of liver cancer and death.

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Intercept’s NASH Drug

A placebo-controlled study of obeticholic acid showed it improved liver fibrosis with no worsening of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.

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New Liver Cancer Treatments

Between August 2018 and January 2019, the FDA doubled the number of liver cancer treatments.

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Modern HIV Treatment Mitigates Liver Risks

Better antiretrovirals have likely mitigated HIV’s effects on the risk of end-stage liver disease and liver cancer in those with hep C.

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