In Devon Nicholson’s 34th week of Hepatitis C treatment he lets his Grandmother in on some wonderful news. Devon received his 3rd Virus test results and they were negative. This is exciting news for the experimental Incivek treatment patient as he had a Rapid Viral Response (RVR) when he tested negative in his 4th week of treatment. The Virus was also undetectable in his 12th week of treatment which was his final week of the experimental medication portion of the therapy.

Nicholson was worried about his week 31 Virus test as the powerful Incivek medication had been out of his system for 14 weeks at the point of that test and recent blood test results had shown his liver enzyme values had been jumping up and down. Devon has since found out that it is not uncommon for liver enzyme levels to bounce while on treatment due to the amount of oral medications passing through his system however it is something to monitor.

Devon is ingesting 1 400 milligrams of Ribavirin tablets a day as well as numerous other medications, both prescribed and over the counter related to fighting the side effects of the hepatitis C treatment. Some of the medication side effects Nicholson is experiencing regularly include stomach issues, headaches, flu-like symptoms, allergic reactions/skin irritations, diarrhea, and insomnia.

Nicholson and his family were extremely relieved about the negative test results. Although his loved ones have not been experiencing the physical effects of the treatment they feel like they are going through it in a lot of ways and have experienced the emotional roller coaster alongside Devon with full support. He is very grateful and appreciative to everyone that has given him positive support during this difficult time.

The end of treatment Virus test taking place on June 24th will be the last blood test Devon takes while on treatment. Although he is happy about his recent results Nicholson says he isn’t going to celebrate too hard until he receives confirmation that he has a Sustained Viral Response (SVR) 24 weeks post treatment and is declared cured of the virus.

Nicholson is a past treatment “relapser” as his first treatment of the standard therapy was unsuccessful as he was testing negative during his last treatment however the Virus returned 24 weeks post therapy. For Devon’s round 2 fight against the potentially deadly disease he is taking a much more intensive medication regime and his chances of permanently clearing the virus are very good. According to, people who have relapsed after a prior treatment have the best chances of a successful second therapy.