So far I haven’t heard anything negative.

I worked the day the interview went to air. I worked today. I must admit I went in to work with some anxiety, but it’s business as normal here. Dealing with the day to day minutiae of work. The phone calls, the paperwork, the endless signing of pieces of paper.

It might have rattled a cage or two though, because today I had a phone call from my state member of parliament inviting me in for a chat. I’d written to him a while ago, so it’ll be good to sit down and discuss the current state of treatment in our country and how to make it equitable for rural and remote residents such as myself.

Any feedback I’ve had has been supportive and for that I am incredibly grateful. I wanted to discuss something that affects so many people yet isn’t talked about. I wanted to raise some awareness of the issues we faced. In a very small, local way I hope I’ve done that. But often that’s where we have the most impact when it comes to changing hearts and minds, isn’t it.

When we engage those around us and help them see our story we can change the world, one person at a time. It’s not monumental, earth-shattering change, rather small, incremental and over time.

But water, the most yielding of all elements has an ability to effect large scale change on an incremental basis. Drop by drop, ripple by ripple, wave by wave - perhaps we can do the same.

Here’s to trying.