To be given the opportunity to tell your story with dignity is a wonderful thing. To be given not one but two platforms on which to do it is incredibly generous.

I have this blog, in which we all get to suffer together my thoughts on my treatment, life with hepatitis C and the possibility of life after treatment. I consider myself very lucky to have this platform. It has given me the space in which to talk, to think, to examine the things that go into living with this virus.

I don’t know how many people read it, but if there’s only one of you, it’s worth it.

Today I was given another platform on which to tell my story. The interview I’ve been talking about went to air. I was hoping for 15 minutes of air time and I thought that would be just amazing. I would have been happy with 10. Heck even 5!

The final interview that went to air was for 45 minutes.

You already know what we talked about, you’ve heard me go on and on about it. So I’m just going to throw up the link.

The only thing I’m not happy with is the photo I sent in. I take the worst photos in the world. Even my mother, who is known for her politeness, said
“Oh my god, WHAT is that photo!”

So you must promise not to judge me on the fact I look tired, 157 years old and clearly an extra from Night of the Living Dead.

So there you go, I am Jane not Grace. Hello. Nice to meet you all.

Radio interview no longer available.