Good afternoon and happy Tuesday!  Great news to report on my HCV viral load test!  I still have a Sustained Virologic Response (SVR) for 21 weeks post treatment from Harvoni and according to my doctor, the incidence of late relapse is very low (less than 1%).  I am very fortunate to have had Harvoni as an eight-week treatment option and it seems to have worked!  For those of you that have followed my blog postings previously or for anyone considering treatment with Harvoni, I can say today that I really do feel like a new person.  My energy levels have returned to what I consider normal and the fogginess that I felt for several years has gone away.  My ALT and AST have also normalized.  What’s next?  Staying HCV free until there is a working vaccine.  According to my infectious disease doctor, they are seeing reinfection rates as high as 20% in the gay male population.  I definitely do not want to relive the past four years again.  Any questions, please let me know.  Also, please share your treatment experience!

Component Standard Range Your Value
Hcv Rna Qnt Pcr <15 iu=“” ml=“” td=“”> <15 not=“” detected=“” td=“”>
Hcv Rna Quant Rt Pcr <1.18 log=“” iu=“” ml=“” td=“”> <1.18 not=“” detected=“” td=“”>
Hcv Result    
This test was performed using the COBAS(R)AmpliPrep/
COBAS(R)TaqMan(R)HCV Test, v2.0.

Collected: 05/15/2015 10:57 AM