I finally received my lab results from my doctor visit last Friday which was nearly six weeks post treatment.  I had nervously been awaiting the results.  My viral load was once again undetectable!  Thank goodness for Harvoni!
I am not as thrilled with my ALT and AST results.  My AST was 39 and my ALT was 58.  The high end for AST is 40 and the ALT is 44.  Both are certainly lower than with the active infection but I had hoped for normal ranges on both since they had dropped so quickly once I started treatment.  I will admit that I did have two glasses of wine the evening before the test so perhaps that has something to do with it.  I will do better!
I also can report that my energy level seems to be getting back to normal.  I had all of the thyroid and testosterone tests one can do and everything was in the normal range.  Super B Complex seemed to have helped tremendously.   I also tried SAMe for a few weeks with no noticeable difference.  Maybe it was a little depression with the gloomy and cold weather and no sunshine. Who knows but I am glad to be past that now.
The doctor asked that I return in two months for a final follow-up.  If all is still undetectable then, he said he would consider the Harvoni treatment to have been successful.  
How is everyone else doing? I haven’t seen a post in quite a while now.  Hope you are well!