This entry was originally published on January 8, 2013 on Don’t Bleed On Me. Seriocity Productions is documenting Devon’s new treatment and is releasing weekly video updates to show his progress. Reprinted with permission.

This picture, taken two weeks ago is of a mild rash Devon has suffered due to the Incivek medication. The rash and extremely intense itching got so bad this past weekend that he was forced to go the Emergency room Sunday January 6th. They did some blood testing and prescribed him the strong oil based skin cream, Betaderm. Devon says the itching has been truly unbearable but a small price to pay to be cleared of Hepatitis C and live an extra 30 years.

Severe itching is a side effect of the medication required for Devon’s Hepatitis C treatment. Patients can experience mild to severe itching and some cases the rash can become deadly.

Always check with your physician before using any creams or medications to alleviate the itching sensation.