Week 12 of Devon Nicholson’s triple therapy Hepatitis C treatment video update has been released today.

In this video update (Shot on January 4th 2013) Devon Nicholson has reached the half-way point of treatment and takes his final dose of his Incivek medication.

During Nicholson’s 12 week experimental Incivek treatment he consumed approximately 189 000 milligrams of the powerful drug. One of the main side effects of Incivek is that it causes skin complications in almost all patients treated. These rashes can be severe and sometimes deadly. Devon is currently suffering from intense itching all over his body and has developed a mild skin rash reddish in color.

Devon will continue to take Interferon injections and 9 800 milligrams of Ribavirin pills per week for the remaining 12 weeks of treatment. Doctors are hopeful that the itching side effect of treatment will be reduced as the Incivek medication begins to get out of his system. He will still experience some skin problems due to the Ribavirin pills although it likely will not be as harsh.

Reaching the half-way point of treatment is a big milestone and reason to celebrate however Nicholson still has a long and difficult journey ahead of him in his battle against Hepatitis C. If the Hepatitis C Virus is undetectable in Devon’s blood 24 weeks post treatment he will be one of the first Hepatitis C genotype 2 patients cured of the disease using the Incivek triple therapy treatment regime.

This entry was originally published on January 8, 2013. Reprinted with permission.