27th June
Even though I am stuffed up with the flu I had a good night’s sleep last night knowing that the Hep C virus is in serious retreat. I know that a “non detectable” result does not mean that the virus is completely gone. It means there are so few floating around in my bloodstream that even 21st century technology cannot find them. But they are there and I will keep taking the medication for another seven weeks to kill off ever last one of the little bastards!
Apart from the good news  blood results yesterday was an interesting day on other levels. Let me explain.
Firstly I was contacted by one of Australia’s leading liver clinics. I had helped one of their patients organise sofosbuvir from India and they had asked him for one tablet so they could test it. It was Cipla Hepcvir. So they tested the tablet and wrote to me to tell me that the tablet was good. It had exactly the correct amount of sofosbuvir in it and they were happy for their patient to use it.
Next; I received another email from the same clinic, from one of their specialist doctors and he asked if I would mind if his patients contacted me for information about getting sofosbuvir from India.
So it is great that people are becoming aware of this option of getting their Hep C treatment from India and that they are being supported by their medical practitioners.