There is something glorious about vegetable juice and protein shakes for a healthy liver. Glorious? Yeah, it deserves that description. I don’t expect any of you to be doing a high leg kick while knocking back your Wonder Juice. That’s ok. I’ll do it alone. I do know that many of you share my love of shaking up a meal. Maybe a shimmy dress would be more appropriate.

I have had a few questions from readers that let me know some of you are not that familiar with drinking your dinner. Or breakfast. Or lunch. In other words, if you can’t chew it, you’re not sure if it’s even considered food. Let me assure you that it can be easy and oh so scrumptious and that you will be putting all kinds of blends together before you know it! However - there is really a big difference between juicing and blending. They each have their own benefits and also a couple of drawbacks. Let’s take a gander at which one fits best in your lifestyle - and your budget.

I haven’t decided what it is. Maybe it is all of the great colors swirling in the glass. It could be that I feel connected to the earth. It’s easy to feel at one with Nature when sipping something that has not been processed, modified, or plumped up with artificial colors and flavorings. Maybe I’m in sync with the core of Mother Nature while sipping her awesome offerings.  Whatever it is, it is a wonderful ritual in my house to make vegetable juice and protein shakes for a healthy liver. I’m throwing and tossing stuff in some kind of contraption every single morning of my life.

A lot of you are blending protein shakes these days. It’s THE number one way of getting protein that is easy on our liver. It’s good to have a basic recipe, but also cool to jazz it up with something different from time to time. You are going to need a way to shake it up. Here are the options that I’ve tried...

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