Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes are easier to make than you think. Many who are trying to fight liver or heart disease assume that Thanksgiving is a day off from healthy eating. Or if you are like me, with a failing liver, you try and avoid the whole food and family scene altogether. Changing traditions and recipes can be hard.
I was a downer that first year after being diagnosed with hepatitis C and end-stage cirrhosis. I didn’t even watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade on television. As a matter of fact, I let go of all of my traditions. There was more than a little anger and sadness mixed.
Some things are hard to let go of. Gosh, I miss a spiral sliced ham with the bone in. For you, it might be letting go of drinking beer while watching football, or eating yourself into a food coma. However you CAN keep some traditions, including food. You may just have to change the way you prepare them.
I am happy to say that things have certainly changed since that first Thanksgiving after the diagnosis. I completed hepatitis C treatment, and now eat a liver loving diet, and enjoy many of the same traditions that make Thanksgiving great! How do I do it? You, dear friend are going to get an insider’s look at Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes that will fill your heart with gratitude and your tummy with mouthwatering food!

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