Preparing for Hep C Treatment is the first phase of battle. Here is what made a BIG DIFFERENCE in how I fought Hepatitis C. God’s Word is a mighty tool every Hep C Warrior should use.

For me, it not only made the difference in preparation, but bound together with prayer it made a difference in daily Hepatitis C battle and treatment. God’s Word is a vital tool of precision to fight the Hep C giant.

The Method of 5

Write the scripture on a card. Example: Write the scripture address on the back and front of the card followed by the scripture on the front, you may want to put the abbreviation for the Bible Version you are listing. Remember the method of 5 by your fingers and hand, because this is something you can handle. It is very doable.

  1. Read the scripture address and scripture to yourself 5 times in a row.
  2. Read it aloud 5 times in a row.
  3. Write it 5 times or Sing it 5 times.
  4. Say it without looking at the scripture 5 times.
  5. Have someone cue you or cue yourself by looking at the back of the card’s scripture address, do this 5 times.

Basically, whatever way you do, do it 5 times. This helps embed it into your memory. Keep reviewing this same scripture daily for 1 week or longer, then review once a week and then once a month.

I invite you to join me each week in memorizing the special scripture of the week. Each Monday on our homepage sidebar of the website a new scripture is highlighted in the blue box. Mighty things happen when we put God’s Word in our hearts, it changes us from the inside out and is good for every part of our being.

As his word in Deuteronomy 32:47 says,  “These are not just idle words for you, they are your life.”   God’s Word ignited by faith and prayer puts something powerful in motion.   It is a powerful and effective tool no matter what we face, even giants!

This entry was originally published on Life Beyond Hepatitis C, and is reprinted with permission.