The battle with Hep C and going through Hep C treatment can sometimes be filled with many obstacles. But the good news is we have greater opportunities to defeat Hep C than ever before. Hep C patients need to be relentless, unyielding, steady and persistent to the task before us, and all the while under God’s mighty hand, to direct our path. Coming to God and daily reliance on Him to direct my path was the most important step I could ever take.

If you have ever seen the speed and agility of a deer then you probably have been in awe. It’s amazing to think how God made these creatures with this ability. Yet, with His help we each can do what we could never do on our own.

God not only sees us like we are, but He sees us overcome obstacles with the help of His mighty hand.

The dictionary defines the word enable, to supply with means, knowledge or opportunity to do something; make possible. The Greek word for enable is endunamoo, which means to empower, to be made strong.


Hep C warriors can face many obstacles throughout the entire journey with Hep C, yet with God’s help, He can empower us to be made strong and overcome obstacles that we could never do on our own.  That fills me with great hope, because God see’s the impossible, as possible.

In my 2012 Hep C treatment, I related my treatment like climbing a vast mountain. Each day of treatment lead me higher and higher to the summit (my goal, the finish line of completing treatment) and the opportunity to wave the victory flag. My treatment lasted 6 months.  I was worn out yet elated when I reached the summit of treatment.

God truly enabled me to do something I could not have done on my own and He continues to enable me to go onto the heights. Through the dark days when I felt so bad and didn’t think I could go on any further, he lifted my feet.

God had truly given me His strength to complete the task and overcome obstacles throughout my 20 year journey and with this difficult last treatment. With two prior failed treatments, I had no way of knowing the outcome of this third treatment, but I trusted in God’s plan to supply me with His strength and enable me to go onto the heights. That he did. I received Non-Detected virus load all throughout treatment, and was pronounced “cured” 6 months after treatment. That was 4 years ago. My new diagnosis, “HISTORY of Hep C: Hep C Resolved.”

The Hep C giant was defeated, once and for all. Every time I face a difficult challenge, I am reminded of these tremendous life lessons, “with God all things are possible.”

This entry was originally published on Life Beyond Hepatitis C, and is reprinted with permission.