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I am celebrating reaching my 3-year Post Hep C Treatment Recovery Mile Marker. What is it like not looking over your shoulder and wondering if Hep C is gone? Will the Hep C giant come back?  Listen in as I discuss what life is like living with a new diagnosis and being 3 years post Hep C treatment.

For 20 years Hep C lived with me - I did not live with it - there is a big difference. I had resolved to never give up hope and strive to live until I would be cured of Hep C. Over a 20 year period, 2 previously failed treatments and going for 3rd treatment in 2012, this time a new sheriff was in town, “Big Guns”, a powerful combo treatment which included the protease inhibitor, Incivek, peginterferon and ribavirin. The results, Cured!
God used this new treatment in a miraculous way to bring me the cure from Hep C and a new diagnosis of Hep C resolved. Now I’m living life with Hep C in the rear view mirror and plowing ahead with life beyond hep C.
I share what recovery has been like and how I’m feeling now, in a video update,. If you are newly diagnosed with Hep C, please know there are brand new treatments today with less side effects than older treatments, less treatment time, and higher cure rates. A variety of treatments are available today for all genotypes and many without interferon or ribavirin.
To view the video, and read this blog in its entirety, visit Life Beyond Hep C, July 15, 2015