5th July 2015
A lot of people have been emailing me about buying sofosbuvir online. Alarm bells have started going off for me these last few days because people have written saying things like: “I have just ordered three jars of sofosbuvir from India and... ” or they write “I am about to order three bottles of sofosbuvir online... ” or they write “ I am going to order Harvoni from India and I just wanted to ask you...”
Firstly: All genuine suppliers of generic sofosbuvir in India automatically supply the ribavirin FREE. If they charge extra for ribavirin then they are ripping you off.
Secondly: sofosbuvir alone is NO USE for treating any form of Hep C. Sofosbuvir must be taken with ribavirin or some other drug such as one of the new DAAs (Direct Acting Antivirals). If someone offers to sell you sofosbuvir alone then immediately stop dealing with them because they are scammers and do not know or care anything about you or the meds they are selling.
Thirdly: Generic Harvoni is NOT available in India or anywhere else at the moment, anyone claiming otherwise is scamming you. Generic Harvoni should be available in India by, or before, December 2015. That is assuming that Gilead does not block, or attempt to block, its availability. The same applies to generic versions of the various other new DAAs being launched on markets around the world.
Fourthly: If you are buying the sofosbuvir and ribavirin treatment then you should not be paying more than US$1,500 for a three month treatment delivered by courier direct to your door anywhere in the world. That includes the sofosbuvir & ribavirin inclusive. If you are paying more than that you are being ripped off.
For more information on buying Hep C medication from India please see links on my website for further information.