6th July 2015
Here is the link to the latest EASL summary of optimum Hep C treatment options for the various genotypes. It is very informative and interesting to read however there is one BIG problem with it: you need to keep in mind when you are reading this is that the authors are assuming that the doctor and the patient have access to all the new antiviral drugs that they suggest for the optimum treatment outcomes.
What we have is the world experts analysing all the data from all the trails run around the world and then giving us the results. However like most expert academics in most fields these guys seem to suffer from living in ivory towers. They have access to all the latest drugs but they seem totally unaware of the fact that most of humanity does not! 
There in lies our problem... we do not have access to any of these new drugs and may not for years yet to come by which time some of will be dead and some so damaged it does not bare a thought.
This is the BIG problem with the EASL treatment recommendations, they assume we can get the medication just be cause they can.... but we can’t!