9th July 2015
I have been away for a few days up on Tasmania’s north coast with my wife, been off line and away from the computer, just fishing and walking along Tasmania’s beautiful coast line.
Amongst the emails when I returned was this one. It is not the first like this that I have received, and will not be the last but I thought I should publish it to remind people that whilst there are many honest online businesses there are also still plenty of scams running on the internet.
Dear Greg, 
Thank for all the information and effort. I understand that you try to save people from disappointment and fraud. 
Recently I ordered on-line Hepcinat but it was a fraud. But I don’t regret it because after this I bought an airplane ticket and fly to India like you suggest. Now I feel fine after only one week of treatment. People must know that it is possible to be played by frauds but on the other side it is chance to get life saving medication. I bought Myhep and it’s working.
Many regards,
So if your are ordering your Hepatitis C medication online only do it from people who you can get some form of recommendation from third party. Forums such as HepMag are a good way, remembering that there are some scammers hiding on forums too. Some of the Facebook pages like Hep C Treatment w/o Borders will give you tips and advice.