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Nancy Smith

I can see how you could miss a dose. The pharmacy sent me a water bottle and a daily pill box, which is wonderful because you can look at it and say oh good I did take today's dose! Lucky for me, a blood test was done 2 weeks in and it came back undetectable!!! Shock and awe and tears of joy.....I was not expecting such good news! My Doc I think was more excited about my ALT/AST levels, and they were now in the normal low range! We're getting there, thank God for this new medicine.".

March 3, 2015


Congratulations...I'm on my 8th week of Harvoni and just received a 0 VR. it's been a long hard road and all I want is my life back. This is my 3rd and hopefully last try. I hope you can say the same! Hang tough it's been a long hard road but there may be light at the end or the tunnel! Good luck!

February 27, 2015


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