My new blog is about getting my film off the ground. The working title is Louie, Me & Hepatitis C part 2. I’ll think of something better soon.

So far we (which means me and any number of people I’ve managed to grab for the day to film) have filmed the whole of my treatment plus key interviews with Charles Gore and Sadie Frost.

I’ve cut a promo to get funding to make the rest of it. If (when) I get the funding I can look at other people’s stories and talk to policy makers and doctors. The film will ask if we can eliminate hepatitis C from the UK?

I’ll post outtakes of this film and old clips from Louie, Me and Hepatitis C.

The case studies I’m looking for will be people who have been diagnosed purely by chance. Maybe you were trying out for IVF or giving blood. If were diagnosed by chance and want to help raise awareness please get in touch.

This entry was originally published January 28, 2014 on The Hepatitis C Trust. Reprinted with permission.