This is the fourth and final part of a series that has explored Heart Based Practices, Nutrition, Attitude, and now, the way exercise contributes to Optimal Healing. The four parts overlap. Do you have questions, experience, or a desire to work with any or all of this for Optimal Healing?
Exercise. This is an area that I know a lot about. I come from a background of athletics, and as my endurance athletic life evolved through my late twenties for twenty years, until hepatitis c and a liver transplant changed things. I ran marathons, and raced at a recreationally competitive level at different distances. I also loved the distance bicycling. Basketball was always I game I loved, and I played pick up at local gyms, and could run endlessly without really fatiguing.
These things made me feel great. There was many a life problem that I flushed away on 60 minute trail runs, all the mentioned activities, and more. Vigorous yoga (good old American style - push baby, push) also strengthened me and had me go inward for maybe the first time.
There was only one problem. In pounding out and sweating away the worries and stresses, I never really dealt actively with them, just sweated them away, temporarily. But still, exercise helped me, not only at a body level, but also in achieving a peace, albeit a short term result.
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