8th November
I should explain further the process of Gilead licensed generic Indian Harvoni.
For the last 5 or 6 months the general expectation was that generic Harvoni would be released in mid December 2015.
The thing that people were waiting for was for the Indian regulatory authority to give approval for this combo of Sofosbuvir and Ledipasvir to be sold in India. Gilead had already licensed four Indian pharmaceutical companies to manufacture and sell generic versions of its Harvoni.
Then there was chatter that the Indian government was going to require further testing of the Sofosbuvir + Ledipasvir combo before approval was given. Most commentators saw this proposed delay as originating from Gilead putting pressure on the Indian authorities to delay the release so it could prevent cheaper Harvoni becoming accessible to people in “First World” countries as was occurring with Sovaldi.
Then two Bangladeshi companies, Incepta and Beacon, began making unlicensed generic Harvoni using APIs imported from China. News of Twinvir swept the Hep C world and the first batch of Twinvir sold out in a couple of weeks. There was a delay of almost a month before the second, larger, lot came on the market and it too sold out quickly.
In the meantime India and Gilead must have seen that if they continued to delay then the Bangladesh generic Harvoni, Twinvir, would soon dominate the international market and Indian generics, for which Gilead receives a substantial royalty, would be playing serious catch up.
The result of this was that instead if delaying the release of Indian Harvoni it was actually in Gilead’s interests to speed the release date up. And that is exactly what happened. So approval has now been given to the four brands of Indian generic Harvoni and sales will begin this week.
As previously mentioned the correct price delivered should be not be more than US$1,700. Already I have heard of prices up to and above US$4,000 ... more than double the correct price.
The price if you purchase generic Harvoni on the street in India, the MRP, (manufacturer’s recommended retail price) is 75,000 rupees for a 12 week treatment. Obviously if it is being shipped then there will be many extra charges for paperwork, freight etc.
Meanwhile the burning, aching frustration of people with Hep C continues in the UK, the USA and other countries where the medical profession is more interested in their income than their patient’s health.
Dear Greg. 
My Daughter of 24 has had Hep C genotype 1 for the last 5 years, a mum of two toddlers, and the usual story at every appointment with her clinic she is told that treatment is not available to her. We were praying she would be able to get Harvoni but were told that only “ the really very ill are getting it ”. We live in #### and i could get the money together for the generic Harvoni for her but is it still not allowed to be couriered into our country? 
Is there another way i could get it sent here? I don’t think i could travel to India with our finances. I am so totally heartbroken for my daughter, our last appointment in clinic was Tuesday gone and they were completely unhelpful! I can’t let my daughter go on any longer with the disappointment and the death sentence she faces by waiting for treatment through the clinic in the hospital. She can hardly function anymore with the terrible fatigue she has and even though the clinic says she has years before her liver becomes cirrhotic it just does not seem logical to let a condition become that bad before its treated. And worse than that is living every day knowing there is something out there that can cure you but you can’t have it, that is why as her mum i must do this and go as far as i can go and help cure her, sorry for rambling on Greg, i just need to get her the Harvoni so my grandchildren will have a healthy mum when they are teenagers and a long time after that. What are my options Greg?
Thankyou so much. 
I get this type of letter every day of the week. Not just one or two but dozens every day. Some like the one above are from parents who are watching their children slowly die. Others are from children who are watching their mother or father die. Yet others are from the spouse of a Hep C sufferer and others are from the sufferers themselves.
All face this terrible knowledge that health and life, is being destroyed by a disease that is easily and cheaply cured.
The lucky folk live in countries like Australia where it is easy to import the new generic Hep C meds and where the doctors are supportive.
Others live in countries like the USA, Canada and Ireland where the government blocks access to these meds and condemns their citizens to illness and death. 
The worst is the UK where the medical profession and the NHS are so controlled by the agents of Big Pharma that they refuse to treat, supervise the treatment of or even write prescriptions for people choosing to cure themselves with generic Hep C meds. This despite the fact that it is totally legal for people to import these generic meds to treat themselves.
It was a sad day when doctors started putting their incomes ahead of the health of their patients.
But whilst doctors and governments are obstructing peoples access to health people are still finding a way and getting cured from Hepatitis C. Along with all those sad emails I also get a lot of happy, uplifting emails from people who have begun their Hep C treatment with Indian generic drug and who are getting the results, as expressed in this short but sweet email.
Hi Greg .. u have another success story .. I am still in shock .. I am hep c free .. unbelievable! So much more to say .. so much more to hep c than people think!!!