So many times I look over my past and see all the different directions my life has gone.  At the time feeling as though I was in a car with no seat belt and being tossed from side to another.  With no worries or major issues binding my life down  all the sudden my life’s vehicle takes a sharp left tossing me across the other side.

Sitting in the hospital with several doctors surrounding me telling me my liver had advanced to Stage 4 Cirrhosis due to the Hepatitis C engulfing my body.  Knowing that from this very minute my life’s direction has just taken a drastic turn.

We all are faced with the same life changing events. Some not so drastic and others completely crippling.  No one is ever immune to these changes that everyday life throws at us.

I had to learn a very important lesson that day back in 2010.  I could either sit there in a dazed coma state and do nothing or I could lace my running shoes of life back up and as the saying goes “put my big girl pants on”.  There was not a third choice for me.  I had to learn to lean through my life’s ride and go with the road or be tossed around and out the other door or to the back seat. 

It is not easy by any means to be handed your fate on a medical tray.  Yes one does need time to adjust to the idea of a new road in their life but what is not good to do is keep your life’s vehicle doing a U-Turn.  You can’t change the past and there is no sense repeating the same thing over and over.... No looking in the back seat for what you should have done or could have done.  Turn around and put that seat belt on and face the road signs head on. 

Our road maps in life are there,  it could be as simple as changing a diet or starting a new treatment.  Read those maps... learn all you can about the direction your life is now going.  

For me, I had to learn what to eat that my liver could handle now as it was severely damaged. I had to read up on treatment options and decide if the older regime was indeed something I wanted to pursue.  (That was my only hope to survive at that time in 2010) Sure I was scared to death.  I had two small children I needed to live for.  I witnessed this nasty disease take the life from my mom and knew first hand what I was about to embark on if I just sat back and let my life’s vehicle toss me from side to side.  It would have done me no good to look back on the day before and wonder what if.  I was in the now and had to come to grips with today’s reality.

No matter where you are on this journey of Hep C, you must remember to stay focused and positive.  Don’t get stuck being tossed in the back seat and not knowing where your life is going.  Get in the front seat, buckle up and learn to lean through life’s curves.  There is great amazing scenery to be seen now in the advances of Hepatitis C treatments.  Enjoy your ride and make the most of your journey as we all come to learn there are always turns and bumps in the road.  Learn to lean and get over the bumps.... Life is meant to enjoy and LIVE.... Buckle Up and GO DO IT !

 ~ Not without a fight!~HCV~(c)
The Bonnie Morgan Foundation for HCV

Kimberly Morgan Bossley