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Learning to Adjust

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Steve Keith

I'm hearing ya on this mess. I just have time to comment on one thing. First drs are not ammine to using the fear factor. Of the fact its hard to get a second opinion once your strapped into a certain facility. I was tol once I had stage 4 cirrosis. 6 yes later a Dr told me if I had stage 4 I would be lying down talking not healthy as I am. My story's too long but I was told, via biopsy that the needle can pierce a scared area. Then showing up as a serious case of cirrhosis. If it pierces a healthy area then its looked at as a healthy liver. Try other ways to get the best diagnosis of hep c and its damage. FYI prayers to you all!!

August 19, 2015

Margaret Polino Nicholas

Dearest Kim, I truly enjoyed your post. Learned a lot from it. Thanks so much for Allowing us into your life!

August 18, 2015


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