Kimberly Bossley and Patricia Maciel
Kimberly Bossley and Patricia Maciel
Kimberly Bossley from Colorado and Patricia Maciel originally from Parana, Brazil and now a US citizen living in Chesapeake, VA, wanted to start something that is very important in their lives, something that can change not only their life but thousands of others suffering from hepatitis C. Both Kimberly and Patricia (husband Ray has Hep C) have been dealing with the hepatitis C all their lives. Bonnie, Kimberly’s mom was a 1965 Kidney transplant patient who was also 1st woman in US/5th in the world to give birth after her transplant.

It was during this birth of her daughter Kim that both got a blood transfusion and did not find out till years later it was tainted with hepatitis C. Sadly Bonnie (kim’s mom) lost her battle to hepatitis C in May 2006. Since then Kim (Genotype 2, Stage 4 cirrhosis) underwent dual therapy of Ribaviran and Interferon in 2012. She was pulled off as a non-responder after completing only 12 weeks of treatment. She began a trial for late stage hepatitis C liver disease on November 5, 2013. After 1 week of treatment, Kim’s viral load, originally at 12,700,000, was UNDETECTABLE. Although undetectable, she still has to remain on the trial drugs Solvaldi and Ribaviran a total of 48 weeks which will put her finishing the treatment in October.

Hepatitis C is a very emotional and stressful disease. The disease creates huge burdens to their families with all the ups and downs regarding their social, emotional and physical health. The largest burden is economic because eventually the disease becomes too great for the patient to be able to work and function normally. Add to this the cost of the doctors’ visits and the outrageous cost for medical treatment. Because of this, Kim and Patricia got together and wanted to do something to help everyone have the chance at getting a cure.

The goal is to give you a place where you can learn more about hepatitis C. We want to inform and educate by making available reliable and up-to-dates-facts. A place where you can share your experience. Our foundation will work hard to raise money to help those who need funding for much needed treatment. We will provide a place where everyone has the same opportunity to get help with information about the hepatitis C virus and share their feelings. Welcome to The Bonnie Foundation for HCV Not without a FIGHT! ~HCV~ 2013 Together We are Strong!

It is my personal belief that if you keep your focus and mind positive, your body will react the same way. This disease already has so much negative stigma to it. It is my goal to continue to educate and help others in their fight with hep c learn all they can. Show others that with learning and educating themselves about this disease they can gain the control and reigns back over their lives that hepatitis C took the day they were diagnosed. The last words my mom said to me was “Kim continue to fight.” “Not without a fight!” is our foundation’s slogan as we hope everyone fights the good fight.

We are currently accepting donations to help pay for medications and treatments for patients with hepatitis C and cover the costs of medication after liver transplant. Donate today to help those in need. Find out more from our Facebook page.