fbi-logo.jpgAs we go though our disease we learn what to do to protect others and also learn how to protect ourselves from infection.  This was a very important post I did on our foundation site and it needs to be shared all around to bring more awareness to a very concerning popular free time pampering many women and men love to indulge in but BEWARE!!!

Ok my ladies and guy friends who love pedicures. I did my own FBI work in my town because an issue came up that I personally witnessed and it is NOT acceptable.

I have been going to salon A (I’ll call it) for three years on and off and witnessed the most horrific act of cleanliness I’ve ever seen. I was with my daughter getting our nails done when a lady getting a pedicure got cut and started to bleed everywhere. The tech got a tissue and gave it to the lady and proceeded to go on to the other foot. She then threw the utensil she had used to draw blood from this woman into a bucket.

I was thinking to myself that she was gathering the tools to be cleaned and sterilized. The bucket stayed in the same spot for another ten minutes while I witnessed the slight pink shade of water from the tub drain out. I kept waiting for some sort of cleaner, bleach, anything to be added to the bucket or used to scrub the offending tools... nothing.

I sat there fuming and began to speak my thoughts out loud (you kinda do that now on this RIBA stuff). Megan (my daughter) knew exactly what I was doing and where I was going with it. I expected her to shhh me up but she let me do some disease 101 education starting with hepatitis c.

I spoke up and said, “Excuse me, why aren’t you using a cleaner in that tub and why are those clippers about to be used on that lady? You saw how badly that woman was bleeding.”
Well all of sudden you would have thought I flashed my FBI badge. People came pouring out of the back room with gloves on. They grabbed the tools and brought them into the back. Lord knows what or how they cleaned them.

I shared my very harsh short version of what I go through on a daily basis struggling to function all because of a blood-to-blood disease that doesn’t need to spread any further. I handed out wrist bands (from our foundation) and told them I’d be back very soon to make sure they are following protocol or I will take action.

This is crazy. I’m not undergoing 48 weeks of treatment to be cured of a disease that now I can get back because some poor skilled worker doesn’t care about anything more than that green bill going into her purse. I told them they can be sued and shut down by the health department for this.

Just yesterday, I went in to get a look and it was like a different store. The difference was night and day as they had sealed sterile utensils at each station. And after each pedicure, a specific person came out and scrubbed the tubs with a bleach compound.

Friends beware these salons are popping up everywhere in shopping centers across the country. Protect yourself. They are not focused on customer service but how fast they can get you out so the next lady can sit down.


Inspect your salons first. Don’t assume, witness their cleaning first hand. Better yet bring your own personal utensils with you and if you witness such action please call your local and state health departments  

****update  I ended up making a phone call to our local health department -  they are taking it from here  ***  stay safe my friends