Below is the link to Dr Freeman’s presentation at EASL on the treatment of Hepatitis C with generic Harvoni or the combination of Sofosbuvir and Daclatasvir.
In this presentation Dr Freeman shows the results of a study of over 400 people being treated for various genotypes of Hepatitis C with generic DAAs (Direct Acting Antivirals such as Harvoni).
In this study the pre-treatment blood tests, including viral loads are recorded and then compared with the post treatment results.
These results are compared with the existing data from tests using branded DAAs such as Gilead’s Harvoni and Bristol Myer Squib’s Daklinza. The the results of this study show there is no difference in treatment outcomes regardless of whether the patient was treated with generic DAAs or brand name DAAs.
You really should watch this and is you can copy it do so because it just might get taken down.
You may not know it yet but Dr Freeman’s advertisments on Facebook for Fix Hep C generic Hep C treatments have been banned by Facebook. So you just might find that his presentation might be pulled off Youtube too.