Whilst the Hep C world is dominated by the sad tales of cowardly doctors and greedy corperate entities like Gilead there are also lots of good news stories and it is important to focus on the good things that are happening.
As my readers may know one of the free services I offer is to connect you up with reliable and honest suppliers in India.
For lots of people flying to India and buying their generic Harvoni or Sofosbuvir and Daclatasvir is a very good option and a lot of people from the USA and Europe do this.
So I help people by putting them in contact with good people in India. As mentioned I do not charge for this and I do not receive and commissions, fees or any other form of benifit for doing this, either from the person going to India or the people I send them to in India.
Because Italy has very strict laws against its citizens importing Hep C medicines by mail or courier many Italians are flying to India to buy generic Hepatitis C treatment. Below is an email I received today from one of many Italians I have assisted in this way.
Dear Greg,

Considering that you (and your blog) helped me so much to obtain the therapy for my hep c at an affordable price, I feel compelled to  tell you, in a short story, my travel in Mumbai. I contacted your friend Parag a month before I left to go to India, he wrote me the medicine’s price and all other information I needed to know. He also ever included a quite cheap hotel where to stay for a few days. Before time to depart we exchanged our Whatsapp contacts as well. Unfortunately May is a bad month to visit Mumbai, due to the high temperature, but I decided not to lose time and to take advantage from the opportunity that fate has given me. So I planned to stay 3 days in Mumbai, the minimum after 12 hours of flight and one connection in London, coming from Rome.

Parag has revealed to be a pleasant person, as well as very reliable. He assisted me expecially in the meals choosing and for buying of some clothes I brought to my wife and my daughters. He spent enough time with me and thanks to him I did not feel alone and lost in Mumbai. We have been in touch during all time by Whatsapp and he suggested me a lot of
things. Now Parag is also a friend of mine and I hope he comes to find me next June, when he will travel in Italy.

The only bad note was the return flight. I should have departed at 2 am, but after boarding the air conditioned system failed and after 2 hours in a hot aircraft, passengers have been disembarked. British Airways brought us to the Marriot hotel (not so bad), where we waited that another aircraft coming from Singapore to substitute the other one. Finally we departed from Mumbai with a day of delay.

Next monday I have appointment with the hepatologist for a fibroscan, I’ll show him my indian purchase, asking him to monitor my treatment.

That’s all for the moment, but the story still continues until the virus will be completely eradicated. Again many thanks Greg, and feel free to disclose my story.

Best Wishes