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Hepatitis C: Who are you?

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Grace Campbell

I've read of a few relapses too Donna. Not many though, and every day I log onto the hep forum I read of more and more people who are clearing the virus. This is an amazing time to be undertaking treatment. The odds are truly in your favour.

September 22, 2015


I read that a lady who did the same 12 weeks on Harvoni , the virus returned . I am so fearful mine is going to return , i worry about it everyday.

September 22, 2015


I agree with you. After treatment feels like the road not traveled. I am full of joy for the prospect of finally clearing this virus. I am also worried it will be back. I am not sure how I am suppose to feel. Elated, afraid, lonely, let down. Who am Ii if I am not the person with Hep C? Time will tell. I hate time, waiting and more waiting..I must put this all behind me now and live the life I wished for all these years. It is difficult to leave the past in the past. Carpe Diem (seize the day),

September 22, 2015


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