My Week 8 blood tests are due. Rather than have them done up here, sent to Sydney, then sent back to me, I’m travelling to Sydney. This will also give me an opportunity to meet with the nurse managing my case, pick up my next lot of meds and see the doctor if needed. So many boxes ticked.

Sadly this means we all have to live with the monthly “oh my god what will my blood tests do THIS time” existential crisis. And by “we all” I’m including you. Why should you get out of it?

So far I’ve had bizarre bilirubin, glucose up the wazoo, plummeting haemoglobin and creatinine craziness. Who knows what will come next? I can’t even imagine, so I’m not going to play the guessing game.

To get me in the mood for Blood Test Monday, it’s fortuitous indeed that my trip to Sydney coincides with Sydney’s Vivid Festival. Nothing like a city immersed in light, sound, ideas and music to take your mind off any worries you might have.

I’m hopeful that this will be an Old Normal weekend - one where I get to enjoy the city in its bedizened glory, get to a concert, walk the harbour, spend time with my daughter and catch a  few movies.

I’ve planned some down time during the weekend to help me make it through the evenings. I’ve added a day onto my trip so I’m not rushing and exhausting myself. All I need now is to enjoy myself. 

So here’s to Vivid. Here’s to post-show, after midnight Chinese banquets in Chinatown.  Here’s to blood tests. Here’s to all of us.