28th May
My sleep has been getting worse, I hardly slept at all last night. At first I assumed that this was jet lag but I should be over that by now. As I was lying there awake in the night I realised that insomnia was one of the listed side effects. So... I can report that one side effect of sofosbuvir is insomnia, which is noted in the list of possible side effects of sofosbuvir. On the scale of all possible side effects, well, its not too bad.
Fear of Fake Medication
A reoccurring subject in correspondence I am receiving is: “But what if the tablets you buy are fake?”
It is a valid question and one that I thought about myself however I applied the logic of ’Pascal’s Wager’ to this question. Pascal was a 17th century French philosopher and his wager was basically: If there are two choices and No. 1. has no chance of a positive outcome and No. 2. has an 90% chance of a positive outcome then always choose No. 2.
So for me the two choices were: 1. Stay at home knowing for certain that I would not be able to get sofosbuvir until I was very ill or 2. Go to India where there was a very small chance that I might buy fake sofosbuvir.
For me it was an easy decision. And I should say again that if you go to a reputable doctor and and buy from one of the pharmaceutical companies licensed by GILEAD, then there seems to me that there is very little risk of being scammed. There is no benefit for a large, licensed, pharmaceutical company to risk its status as a licensed manufacturer and supplier by supplying fake meds when the real meds cost them almost nothing anyway.
I would also add add that the people who benefit most from this kind of scare mongering, and that is what it is, are the big multi-national drug companies. I would even go so far as to entertain the thought that professional public relations people might be employed by big Pharma to specifically create that kind of fear, which is very pervasive in some social media forums.