26th May (Part 2)
I am getting a lot of emails from folk who are interested in doing the India trip to get their medication. If you are thinking about doing this I am currently trying to put together a little package of information that I can send people. 
I am not comfortable putting the contact details of people in the supply chain up on this site and I am not feeling too comfortable sending them by email either. I am trying to get a response from the Mylan distributor about me giving people his contact details but mostly people in India seem to prefer using the phone rather than email.
What I think might be the best thing is if I can convince one of the people who helped me in India to become a “facilitator”. That is he would have all the contacts with the different people in the chain of supply from the doctor to write the prescription to the distributor and warehouse.
I have two people in mind, both who have had Hep C but I must discuss this in some detail with them. I believe that if one of these gentlemen should offer to take on this role then he should be paid for his time and energy. I would certainly have happily paid someone to help me get through the process I went through and eliminate some of the stress.
I want to make clear that I do not want, and do not seek, any financial gain from doing this. My motives are purely to help people with Hep C deal with this weird situation created by the price difference  between western countries and India for sofosbuvir. That said the person on the ground in India should be paid to help folk organise their medication and ensure that there are no problems and everyone is dealing with reputable people.
Anyway I am trying to organise this now. It will probably take a few more days to get the details sorted out.
Best wishes to you all.