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Hepatitis C Treatment and Risk of Death

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Lucinda Porter, RN

LGoldenstar. I am so sorry for the pain this brings. Thank you for writing as perhaps it will inspire others to seek treatment early, something denied to your daughter by awful circumstances. The hep C and B-cell lymphoma link is well-established, and it sounds like treatment came too late. Hep C treatment with lymphoma is safe, but sadly, it came all too late. Thank you for your brave message. For those wanting more info, click here.

June 3, 2019 CA


My daughter contracted Hep C as the results of a blood transfusion as a premie, she was not diagnosed till she was an adult having my grandson she had tried the interferon tx but it was unsuccessful Many years later she was given Harvoni even though she was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphoma Leukemia she started Harvoni the second week of September 2017 by January 15 2018 she was dead her CLL had changed to Diffuse Large B-cell non Hodgkins Lymphoma stage 4

June 2, 2019 New York

Bill W

My wife was diagnosed with Hep c geno type 1 in 2013. We were waiting for a better treatment than Interferon.They released the drug Sovaldi in 2014. The insurance we had at the time would not pay for the drug.In 2015 we switched insurance companies they covered the drug.You would never know my wife was sick.But her doctor said she had to take sovaldi 400mg.and olysio 150mg. and she would be cured. 2 months after taking the drugs she started to have problems.She passed away 6 months later RIP

December 15, 2016 Harrison Arkansas


My sister passed away this past week. She had hep c but was doing very well. Until she opted to try this miracle drug Harvoni. I wouldn't even begin to know what kind of details to post here, just to say, we all blame harvoni for her downfall. I would not recommend that drug to anyone.

October 11, 2016

Lucinda K. Porter, RN

My deepest sympathies. I can't imagine how hard this is. I can't answer any of these questions with authority, My guess as to how it was missed is the hep docs probably weren't looking for the cancer and didn't order those kinds of tests. I highly doubt there is any connection between the treatment between treatment and anything else. For all we know, the treatment may have extended his life. These things are impossible to surmise. I hope you talked to his doctor about your questions.

January 10, 2016

Lory Cedarbloom

My husband of 40 years went through the Sovaldi and Ribavirin Hep C treatment in March, April and May of 2014. He was cured of the Heb C virus and had only a few problems with the side effects. He was healthy and strong and active until Oct 31 when he had a emergency Brain bleed. They did brain surgery and he did live but never left the hospital until he passed away on 1-13-15. He was sick with pneumonia and other infections until he passed away. Drs said he had metastiaic cancer but never found the source. How did the Drs miss the cancer whille he was going through the Heb C treatment with many blood tests? Did the Heb C treatment cause the cancer? Did it cause the brain bled or the infections he had. We have been deeply grieving his loss and have many questions. Thank you for these posts and letting us share our concerns.

January 10, 2016

Lucinda K. Porter, RN

Michele, I am sorry about your husband's death. Thank you for taking the time to write. Your words are an excellent reminder for all of us, and I will use them to say to readers, "Harvoni only cures hep C. It DOES NOT cure cirrhosis. If your hep C is cured but you are at late stage liver disease, you are still at risk for cancer. Also, you may have cirrhosis or a tumor and not know it. If you have hep C be sure you see your doc regularly; if you have cirrhosis, you need to be seen more often. Note that if caught early, treatment may save you from cirrhosis and bring your liver cancer risk down to the average person's. Michele, I hope lives of others are spared because you took the time to write.

January 4, 2016

Michele Barbeau

My husband went through a 12 program of simeprevir & sofosbuvir through the VA. We had no indication prior to any serious complications to his Hep. C infection. He developed an unoperatible tumor on his liver and died of the same, 4-12-15. These hugely expensive drugs are not an answer. I at one time thought they were and was so appreciative for our "cure". Buyer beware.

January 3, 2016


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