8 pm 12th June
I went to get my liver enzyme and viral load results today. First the bad news. There was a letter from pathology saying that they had not done my viral load because the request had not been written by a specialist. Oh well if I had known I would have gone to the specialist! Anyway I will organise that next week. Now the GOOD NEWS!!!
My liver enzyme results were better than I had hoped (warning: only people with an ailing liver will get excited by these figures).
These tests were taken on the 3rd June 2015, 11 days into my treatment using Indian generic sofosbuvir (Myhep) with generic ribavirin. The results are compared with a test from 4th of May 2015 a week before I left for India.
ALP...............down from 98 to 68
Gamma GT....down from 222 to 109
ALT...............down from 464 to 32
All other enzymes in normal ranges. So for those of you who are worried about the Indian generic sofosbuvir give up the fear and grab hold of hope!