14th June
After posting the above test results quite a few folk emailed me about them. These included a doctor from the USA who has been following this blog. He spoke to me about my liver enzyme level test results.
“Hi Greg, I had never read your whole history of Hep C. Now I can see why you wanted to get treated ASAP. With liver functions like that GGT and ALT your liver was actually getting destroyed by the virus. I cannot believe that you were not given first priority. I’m sure your virus load will now be very low. Good News!”
Actually things were a lot worse when I first got diagnosed so to put the above test results in context below are four test results from 4th September 2014, 23rd March 2015, 4th May 2015 and 3rd June 2015
ALP: 125 then 85 then 98 then 68
Gamma GT:692 then 227 then 222 then 109
ALT: 760 then 240 then 464 then 32
The big drop between Sept 2014 and March 2015 was brought about by dietary and life style changes but as you see by May 2015 the virus was fighting back and gaining ground again and I would guess that if I had not got the Indian generics and started the sofosbuvir treatment my liver would now be on the rapid downward spiral to oblivion, cirrhosis and beyond. 
So don’t wait around for doctors, bureaucrats and health department functionaries to decided your fate, take personal control of your health and start treatment now, it is not difficult and not expensive. You can either fly to India and get the medication yourself or you can have it couriered to your door. It depends on the Customs laws in your country. Some people might need to go to India and do the treatment there. You can live comfortably in India for less than $200 per week. .