If you have gone through hep C treatment, you know how it can make you feel weak and depleted. I discovered a hep C treatment recovery tip that greatly helps build back strength and stamina - Stretching and Flexibility exercises!  This is not yoga this is regular stretching and flexibility training Physical Therapist’s use. Prior to my hep C treatment, I was an avid power walker. I love walking and found it so beneficial in so many ways. But while I was on treatment, I was unable to do my regular walking routine.

Plus because I felt so crummy and fatigued, what I did was take very short walks at best, but mostly spent time in the bed, sacked out on the couch or on the computer. Thus, I spent a lot of time not active and my muscles became weak, along with hep C treatment meds, it took a toll on my strength and stamina.

In August of 2012 I was a month out from hep C  treatment being completed when I began having pain in my lower back. I dealt with it until after treatment was over thinking, “oh, it will get better on it’s own and go away.”  Ever thought that?

Well, I’ll skip over the long sorted details but in January of 2013, the back problem was still there. I thoughts “this is for the birds!”  So after some tests (MRI), etc... to rule out anything else, we were not totally sure what is going on, the doctor thought I had inflammation where my pelvis is hooked together.

My theory, well maybe it’s an after effect of treatment, maybe my muscles became too weak and posture went south, maybe my bottom half has gotten too big (OK, I’m serious, you never know). One thing for sure, it needs to get fixed ASAP!

So here’s the skinny (no pun intended), my doctor prescribed working with a physical therapist 3 times a week.  I had totally underestimated the benefit of stretching and flexibility exercises and how it can help you recover from a long illness and/or treatment.

The stretching and flexibility exercises used by my Physical Therapist who is certified in the McKenzie Physical Therapy method, and doctor prescribed are incorporated in with McKenzie Methods of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy. My physical therapist has me using exercises from Robin McKenzie’s book, “Treat Your Own Back”.The benefits are numerous:
  •  Increases Flexibility
  •  Improves Circulation
  •  Improves Balance and Coordination
  •  Helps Alleviate Lower Back Pain
  •  Helps Improve Cardiovascular Health
Here is a big perk . . . my energy had plateaued a few weeks in recovery, was rising!  And I was able to move with better flexibility and less pain. My Hep C treatment recovery was definitely improving. Here’s my quote from being 4 months post treatment recovery, “I’m not ready to leap tall buildings with a single bound yet, but you never know what the future holds!”

Are you going through Recovery from Hep C Treatment?  Do you have a recovery tip? 

This entry was originally published on Life Beyond Hepatitis C July 1, 2014. It is reprinted with permission.