21st October 2015
Below is a great email I got from a guy in Poland who decided to use Sof+Dac APIs because of price and ease of importing. He was a bit worried about how reliable the Chinese APIs would be and then when he got them he could not find a chemist in Poland who would do the compounding so he purchased some scales and capsules and did it himself.
After 14 days of treatment he was again really worried because he could not feel any side effects, which he had been expecting would be severe. He was worried he was just eating fake APIs. Please read on:
Hi Greg,
I know you are a very busy man so only in few words an update about my 14 
days into treatment compare with blood test taken 3 days before treatment. It was very (very very) difficult 14 days as I had not experienced any side effects. Not at all, not any. Not even a headache. Was not sure if I was taking the right 
stuff.... Now I know.
Alt: was 153 now is 32
Aspat: was 68 now is 22
Ggtp: was 103 now is 62 
I will do viral load in another 14 days. I did not want to “push” too much 
for first time tests.
Even my wife told me I do not look so tired as before.
So Yes, it looks like it is working.
Yes, it is thanks to you to a big extent.
Will update you soon.
Of course some people do get side effects from Sof + Dac and Sof + Led and I was discussing this issue with a doctor the other evening. 
He explained that it is mostly a weight based issue. Because both these DAA combos are a “one dose fits all” tablet people with a small body mass are going to have more difficulty dealing with any side effects. For example a person of 60 kilograms of weight is essentially taking double the dosage of a person of 100 kilos of weight. So obviously any negative effect of the drug combo is going to exaggerated in the thinner person.
Drinking plenty of water and a healthy diet are important to helping the body deal with the presence of Hepatitis C treatments.
So what else is happening?
Well every day now I get emails from folk who are at different stages of their treatments with the expected good results. Not a single person using these Hep C generics has reported anything but good results. I can not explain how great that makes me feel as I have invested a lot of personal time and energy into banging the generic drum over these last months so, in the back of my mind, there was some concern about outcomes but now that has gone.
I now know a significant number of people who have passed the SVR 12 point, all who started using  generics before me. I have heard of no relapses from generic treatment though, statistically, we know that there will have to be some eventually.
So far it is all good news. Two or three brands of generic Harvoni are now coming or abut to come out of Bangladesh as well as a single tablet combining Sofosbuvir and Daclatasvir, which will be a world first and great news for people with G2 and G3.
The other bit of news is that subsidised Hep C treatment has become available on the British NHS but, of course, I have already received emails from people with Hep C who tried to get the treatment and were told to come back some time in 2016.... the old story.  Sadly it is certain that access will be restricted to about 10% of the Hep C population in Britain. This means that the treatment rate will basically equal the new cases rate.
Thank god that Indian generics allow us to take control of our own health and not be held to the whims of governments.