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A Close Look at Hepatitis C Research

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HEY MY FRIEND, I have been in the woods for a week,one day trick or treating with my youngest grandchild, IRONHORSE year and a month,WHITE CLOUD,3 YEARS , HALFMOON 5 YEARS AND my only child LITTLEMOON. no one wanted to bring a wagon but granpa knew better, 40 minutes into it they were pulling me. [only kidding] they were fighting to get on and I wagoned their little behinds right up to the steps where most people just stepped down to place their goodies in their bags. at first there was no comment but after the third house the two older ones said COOL! and the youngest garbeled yacha macha something. I have a fused ankle since 1995 [7 surgeries[they said I would need at least crutches and a walker for the rest of my life[sorry DOCS., you forgot about my buddy in the sky and all around me] I tried a 5 mile marathon and got as far as 40 feet, not bad eh?lol anyway ,I HAVE been LISTENING as I said I would and it has been great. I just got back today. I really enjoyed and saddened too about your article on hep c, very well done. ive been thinking about you and hope your health is going well[harness your strength] love, ''just'' willie

November 5, 2014


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